Notarial digitization

Notarial Digitization & Robotization

Notarial Digitization

Notarial Digitization lightens your administrative tasks to focus on your core business: consulting

Notarial Digitization

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    75% of your time

    dedicated to administrative tasks

    Mobilu digitizes & robotizes your most time-consuming tasks and allows you more efficiente administrative management.


    “Turnkey” solution

    Notarial Digitization & Robotization
    Mobilu lightens your administrative work as soon as you make contact with your customers, in particular when collecting personal data. The most common notarial procedures are already registered on the platform. All you have to do is invite your employees, customers and partners and start managing your first files in a 100% digital way.
    Pre-configured notarial procedures
    Managing roles and permissions
    Assignment of tasks and distribution of work
    Integration of third parties through the mobile application
    Automatic notifications
    Real-time monitoring of ongoing procedures, deadlines and developments
    Notarial Digitization & Robotization
    Robotize the reading and extraction of data from your standardized documents (sales agreements, energy certificates, etc.). Information retrieval is delegated and the completion of data in your files accelerated thanks to Mobilu’s LAD module.
    Complementary to your digitalization tools, it allows you to use your digitized data and saves you precious time in the management of your files.
    Intelligent reading of your standardized documents
    Automatic extraction of targeted data (values, texts, ...)
    Possibility of automatic recovery of data extracted in your files and documents.
    Monitoring and validation of actions
    Compatible with CSDI, DataConsult ...
    Notarial Digitization & Robotization
    With the digital signature module, Mobilu allows to manage all your acts from a single platform: from the opening of a procedure to its archiving.
    Customers no longer come for a simple signature, you lighten your schedule and leave room for consulting appointments.
    Pre-integrated into the steps of your current procedures
    Ease of use for the signatory thanks to the mobile application
    Qualified electronic signature (QES) requiring an initial identity verification
    Reinforced authentication of the signer (e-mail, OTP / SMS text code, Q&A, DIGIPASS...)
    Anti-Tampering Controls after each signature
    Compliant with SOC 2 Type II, GDPR and HIPAA
    Notarial Digitization & Robotization
    Mobilu improves internal collaboration with your customers and partners, facilitates the exchange of information for more efficient process management.
    Private Chat
    Creation of personalised groups to simplify exchanges and acts management
    Automatic notifications sent to user when an action is required
    Automatic alerts for procedures (close or exceeded deadlines, reminders, etc.)
    Notification and real-time access to updated documents by other authorized users

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    Advantages of Mobilu Pack

    Performance & Security

    Turnkey Notary Solution

    The Mobilu Notary Pack has been designed for notaries and in collaboration with notaries. From your first connection, find your main procedures preconfigured and a list of official documents ready to be edited.

    Quick launch & support

    Enjoy the performance of the Gapp solution in less than 10 minutes! No software installation, no digital expertise necessary for its use. Our team assists you for an easier handling.

    Intuitive interface for your customers

    Reducing the time you spend on administrative tasks should not complicate your clients' dealings. Mobilu also meets the new needs of your customers by providing them with an intuitive and easy-to-use application.

    Interface Customisation

    Fully white-label platform to keep the spotlight on your brand : logo, color, notifications email customized.

    Secure Cloud Platform

    Accessible 24/24 and 7/7
    EIDAS compliant (European regulation)

    Scalable Solution

    Module Board meeting, Smart presentation, process robotization... Mobilu offers you other optional services and ready-to-use modules according to your changing needs.
    Complementing your digitalization tools, Mobilu uses your digitized data for greater efficiency.

    Pack for Notaries – Demo

    Discover Notarial Digitization with Mobilu in video.

    Mobilu facilitates your transformation thanks to a “turnkey” digital solution, 100% Cloud and specially developed for notaries. It provides you with modules and procedures that are useful for your profession only, in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

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